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Our Programs

We view a child’s enrollment at Renaissance as a multi-year commitment by us to provide the13935048_287614708268290_5725306117759478653_n environment necessary for healthy development. Each classroom is designed to be a building block for children. Renaissance also features a large indoor gym, a dedicated lunch room, and a 10,000 square ft. shaded outdoor play yard.



The Tadpole room offers infants a warm and loving environment, allowing your child to develop a permanent sense of trust and confidence in the caregivers. Our infant teachers utilize their dozens of years of experience to provide a diverse range of activities that expose the children to a variety of sensory experiences. $296/week



One-year-olds in the Minnow Room learn a flexible daily routine including music, art, free-play, outdoor activities, lunch/snacks, and a mid-day rest time. The teachers ensure that your child becomes well skilled in a variety of developmental areas including motor and communication skills and problem solving and social skills. $296/week


Busy Bees

The Busy Bees participate in activities designed to lay the foundations for learning basic knowledge such as colors, shapes, and the alphabet. The children have ample opportunity to explore different interests and work on their cognitive and basic motor skills, along with improving their communication skills to better communicate with everyone around them. $244/week



Through a mixture of play-based, independent, and teacher led activities, the three-year-olds in the Starfish room learn the skills necessary for literacy. As the children pick up those skills, they are presented with new challenges each day. $244/week



The Dolphin room is a play-based environment, supplemented with math and reading curriculums used in k4 programs. The teachers help the children understand and prepare for the atmosphere in a school environment. The Dolphin Room schedule is flexible and can accommodate families looking for full-day care or those with children in half-day kindergarten programs. $229/week



The Tiger Room is home to our before and after school program, as well as our “Summer Voyage” summer camp program. We also provide care for children on days off of school throughout the year. The flexibility of these options make Renaissance a fantastic place to enhance your 5-12 year-olds education and enjoyment. The Tiger teachers provide daily art and science activities as well as daily opportunities for organized cooperative small group and outdoor games. See Director for pricing.

(The tuition prices listed reflect full-time enrollment and include all meals, snacks and formula, if needed. Part-time enrollment is offered for Busy Bees and older.)